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Alarmtech akustisk glassbrudd detektor

AD-700   Alarmtech akustisk glassbrudd detektor
AD-700   Alarmtech akustisk glassbrudd detektor
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AD 700 is a modern acoustic glass break detector giving an alarm when glass is crossed at intruder attempts through windows, doors and glazed walls.
The detector is based on latest micro controller komputer technology and programmed to take a lot of relevant acoustic factors into account: the Digital Room Compensation (DRC). This makes the detector able to differ between a true glass cross and other irrelevant sounds.
The detector is for indoor use and can be mounted either in the ceiling or on a wall opposite to the window being monitored. The coverage area is 165° which means that several windows in a single room can be protected.
The panes should measure at least 30x30 cm and maximum 600x600 cm with a maximum glass thickness of 6,5 mm.
Select the best place for the detector
The detector must have a clear “line-of-sight" to the protected glass.
At ceiling mount make sure the microphone points towards the pane.
Mount the detector within 9 m from the glass but not closer than 1 m.
At wall mount do not set the detector closer than 30 cm from the ceiling.
Mount the detector minimum 50 cm from the corner.
Avoid mounting the detector close to air vents.
Avoid placing the detector closer than 30 cm to edges, openings and large objects that can reflect the sound.

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