Vivotek 2.0MP boks, inne, D/N,

WDR, remotefokus, P-iris, 12-40mm, PoE

Varenr: IP9167-HT (12-40MM)
  • 30 fps @ 1920x1080
  • H.265 Compression Technology
  • Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
  • SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) for Low Light Conditions
  • WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in Extremely Bright and Dark Environments
  • DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) to Control Image Stabilization
  • Video Rotation for Corridor View
  • Remote Focus Lens for Easy Installation
  • Trend Micro IoT Security
  • VIVOCloud App & Portal for 24/7 Surveillance (manually upload VIVOCloud VADP package)


Produsent Vivotek
Type Boks