Vegg chassis for adgangskontroll u/PSU

Inntil 2xLP1501/MR62e

Varenr: TM250
  • TM250 Enclosure accommodates a combination of the following Mercury controllers:
    • Up to two (2) EP1501 or MR51e.
    • Accommodates one (1) Altronix eFlow or Tango power supply/charger.
  • TM250 Enclosure
    • 16 AWG grey enclosure with a single 2" center knockout on the top of the enclosure plus (12) double knockouts (accommodate 0.75” and 1” conduit).
    • Accommodates one (1) 12VDC/4AH battery.
    • Includes: One (1) cam lock, one (1) tamper switch and mounting hardware.


Produsent Altronix
Type Diverse