Comnet PTP-kit 5GHz AccessPoint & Client

Interne antenner, ekskl. braketter

Varenr: NWK2
Comnet PTP-kit 5GHz AccessPoint & Client Interne antenner, ekskl. braketter

The NetWave® NWK(1,2)[IC] Industrial Grade high performance point-to-point wireless radio kit is ideal for high capacity and scalable deployments where channel overlapping and interference typically cause our discounted competitors radios to become unstable. The wide range of channel spectrum widths available on the NWK(1,2)[IC] series of radios gives you the option of narrowing channel bandwidths as your network grows which will increase the number of non-overlapping channels and improve stability. The NWK(1,2)[IC] comes standard with an integrated antenna and an IP67 rated impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure that is designed to survive the most extreme conditions. The NWK1 is FCC certified for use in the United States. The NWK2 is ETSI, DFS and TPC certified for use in the European Union. The NWK1IC is certified for use in Canada


› Narrow Channel Spectrum Widths for large and noisy deployments

› 5, 10, 20 and 40 Mhz Channel Bandwidth Support

› Up to 240 Mbps Throughput

› 802.11a/n Compliant

› Distances up to 2 mi (FCC, IC) or 2km (ETSI)

› IEEE802.3at PoE Compliant PD on port 1

› IEEE802.3af power source (PSE) available on port 2

› Environmentally Hardened -40º to +75ºC › Meets class IP67 dust and water immersion protection standards

› Secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption

› ComNet Antenna alignment feature eases installation and setup

› RF Spectrum Survey ToolsAntenna Alignment Tools

› LED array displays unit operational status along with received signal strength

› Scalable - Narrow Channel 5 and 10 MHz Bandwidths will allow you to expand your WLAN without losing reliability by increasing the total number of non-overlapping channels

› Firmware Upgrades Included Free for the life of the product

› Installation and Configuration Trainings Available

› Radio Internal Components covered by Lifetime Warranty.

› Enclosures covered by Three Year Warranty.


› High-Bandwidth Video Surveillance › Multipurpose Networks

› ITS Applications