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About Security Center AutoVu™

The AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates license plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement and for municipal and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest and enforce parking restrictions. Designed for both fixed and mobile installations, the AutoVu™ system is ideal for a variety of applications and entities, including law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations.

Depending on the Sharp hardware you install, you can use AutoVu™ in a fixed configuration such as on a pole in a parking lot, or in a mobile configuration such as on a patrol vehicle.

You can use AutoVu™ for the following:

  • Scofflaw and wanted vehicle identification
  • City-wide surveillance
  • Parking enforcement
  • Parking permit control
  • Vehicle inventory
  • Security
  • Access control

AutoVu™ system architecture

In an AutoVu™ system, Sharp cameras send license plate images to Genetec Patroller™ or Security Center to be matched against lists of vehicles of interest (hotlists) and vehicles with permits (permit lists). Alternatively, you can send read data for processing in the cloud or using FTP or HTTP.

Dedicated, high performance, and edge based Fixed ALPR

The Genetec AutoVu™ SharpV is a specialized, all-in-one automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera designed to simplify deployments from specification through installation. Versatile and accurate, the SharpV is suited for fixed ALPR installations, such as monitoring entries and exits or capturing license plates at high-speeds on city-streets and highways. The SharpV is ideally suited for a range of applications, from managing off-street parking lots and facilities to covering major city access points for wanted vehicles. The SharpV is also capable of simultaneously streaming ALPR and video data to Security Center, the Genetec security platform, where it can be unified with plate reads from mobile ALPR vehicles, surveillance camera streams, and access control events in a single system.


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Type AutoVu