Omnicast Standard, 1 kameratilkobling

Varenr: GSC-Om-S-1C

Working smarter with video

Security Center Omnicast™ is an IP video management solution (VMS) that gives you a clear picture of events and empowers you to quickly react to threats. The system scales with your needs and lets you take advantage of the latest hardware and analytics technologies. With a smarter approach to video, your operations and security improve over time, helping you to take better, more informed decisions.

Extend your capabilities under a single platform

The Omnicast IP video surveillance system is available in four different packages: Compact, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Consult the list of features and system capabilities for each package below to find out which package is best for you.

Maximum number of cameras50250Unrestricted
Maximum number of clients510Unrestricted
Number of archivers120Unrestricted
Plan Manager***
Cloud archives***
GPU-accelerated video decoding ***
Video stream & recording encryption with AES-128 ***
Federation-as-a-service ***
H.265 support ***
Remote security desk **
Native archiver & directory failover  *
Federation *   *
*Main Federation feature server must be Enterprise. Federating sites can be Standard, Pro, or Enterprise.


Produsent Genetec
Type Omnicast