Matrise Chassis 8-slots 19" rack

Varenr: AHD-70MB
Matrise Chassis 8-slots 19" rack Matrise Chassis 8-slots 19" rack

Product Feature
? Support for network media, ONVIF, RTSP data input

? Support computer keyboard & Mouse direct input, U Flash storage.

? Support BNC (TVI,CVI,AHD or CVBS) / HDMI/SDI input, HDMI input support 4K.

? Modular design, 4RU chassis for 8 card, 4ch /2ch standalone available.

? Each card can support 2ch HDMI output, every odd output support 4K output, one chassis can connect up to 48ch HDMI outputs

? Each Video Output can identify optimum resolution automatically, or allow the user to change the output resolution manually. Maximum supported resolution per card 3840x2160@60Hz.

? Support 4K, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, D1 video formats

? Support standard H.265, H.264, MPEG4

? Single module support 4ch 4K or 16ch 1080P or 32ch 720P or 64ch D1 decoding and display.

? Support video-splitting output, or 5x5 windows maximum on one monitor

? Support monitor splicing by any size ,splitting, windowing, zooming in & out

? Support audio input and output, also monitoring, broadcasting and intercom functions are supported

? Support OSD, title, time and warning messages can overlap on the displayed video

? Compatible with branded IPC without use of streaming media server
? Compatible with Onvif 2.4, and RTSP protocols
? All in one Software could configure all parameter, perfect video wall management functions.
? Video preview & PTZ control on ip matrix software