Videotec EX kamerahus aluminium

24VAC varmeel. ATEX-godkjent

Varenr: EXHC003R

Solid anticorodal aluminium construction Epoxypolyester powder painting, RAL7032 IP66 2 holes for cable glands 3/4" NPT Version with device for the protection of the glass installed on the front of the housing (EXHD) Version available with reinforced heater 24Vac and special painting RAL7001 for temperature application down to -40°C (-40°F) (mod.EXHC003R) Supplied with heater. Sunshield as option.


The EXH housings are made with strong Anticorodal aluminium die-cast alloy of AISi Mg EN AB- 42000 group. Depending on the model, all external components are stove enameled using powder or with special coatings offering an excellent resistance to UV rays, saltspray, environment polluting substances (mod. 003R). EXHC The cylindrical body of EXHC housing (diameter 210mm and length 400mm) is closed on the opposite sides by two 12mm thick flanges. The housing is supplied with two holes for the 3/4" NPT cable glands. The camera housing is equipped with heater and optional sunshield. EXHD Explosion-proof housing with the same specifications as the EXHC series but fitted with a patented device for the protection of the glass which gives clear vision in dirty environments. The glass protection device consists of a connection flange with the housing, a closing flange and an explosion-proof central body containing a rugged and transparent glass, a motor powered in 24Vac, two windings and a transparent Mylar film, installed just in front of the glass. The motor drives, through four pinions with gear rim, the winding for recovering the dirty Mylar film, while at the same time the other winding installed on the opposite side releases the clean film.


Produsent Videotec
Type EX-sertifisert