VIVOTEK 1U Rackmount for 8 AP-FEX-0100-R

Varenr: AR-101

The EPoC (Ethernet & Power over Coaxial) line is a long-range

solution providing Fast Ethernet and Power over RG6 coaxial

cables up to 1200m for IP cameras. This product line is the best

solution for transforming CCTV to IP cameras without needing

to change legacy RG59 cables, thereby saving on wiring costs.

Additionally, EPoC transmits both power and data to IP cameras 

whereas fiber solutions only provide data.

• Extend Ethernet and Power up to 1,200m (3,937 ft) over RG6 Coaxial Cable

• Support Ring Topology up to 4 IEEE 802.3af Camera for Power Redundancy

• Support Daisy Chain Topology up to 4 IEEE 802.3af Camera

• Easy Installation for A Smooth Transition from Legacy to IP Camera

• Both Wall Mount and Rackmount Supported





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