RS232, RS422 & RS485 (2 & 4 Wire)

1 Fiber, B-Side, Singlemode, 1310/1550nm

Varenr: FDX70EBS1
The ComNet™ FDX70 data transceivers provide point-topoint transmission of simplex or duplex EIA RS 232/RS 422/ RS 485 (2W/4W) data signals over one single mode or multimode optical fiber. The transceivers are transparent to data encoding allowing for broad-range compatibility. Models within this series are available for use with multimode or single mode optical fiber. Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation requiring no electrical or optical adjustments. Each transceiver incorporates a bi-color (Red/Green) indicating LED for monitoring proper system operation. Packaged in the exclusive ComNet ComFit housing, the FDX70 standard size units may be either wall or rack-mounted, or may be DIN-rail mounted by the addition of ComNet model DINBKT1 adaptor plate.


Produsent Comnet
Type Standalone